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At iDEAIOUS, we use simple tools and technologies that are scable yet customer centric. Our approach allows us to put you first in all that we do.

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A Brief Explanation of the Tools and Technologies We Use in Powering Your Website.

Content Delivery Network

A CDN will allow you to increase the loading speed of your website by transferring all files at a nearby server location. This way, there's less time for your web content from reaching visitors who are geographically close to it.

Premium Caching Tools

A premium caching solution will allow your website's files to be stored ahead of time in a way that processes the request of your visitors faster each time they visit. This drastically reduces load on web servers and ensures your site is always fast for audiences, no matter how many people are visiting at once!

Website Hosting

Hosting is the online housing where your website files are stored. Your hosting account carries all of your site's important data and handles each request to view it. Your website's hosting account is like the home of your online house. The files you upload are housed there and it allows visitors to browse them on request.

A Brief Explanation of the Tools and Technologies We Use in Powering Your Site.


Security Monitoring and Report.


Automated Backups to Our off site Storage Location.

Weekly Analytics Report

Weekly Google Analytics Report from Your Website Traffic.


Basic Caching Solution for Speed Enhancement.

24/7 Support

Support Request and Feature Request (feature request incurs additional cost).

Periodically Search Engine Optimization

Regular Search Engine Optimization of Your Website

Project Process

1. Fill enquiry form. 
2. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.
3. Get an itemized list of potential features/functionalities plus mock-up of your website
4. After approval of mock-up and feature list, a time line will be given, with weekly deliverables set over the period of 3-4 weeks and a minimum of 80% upfront payment is expected to be made. 
5. Upon Completion, you will be given the chance to review and request adjustments to your website up to three times within a 7 day window after which any additional request after the review window has expired will incure additional cost per correction.

Cloud Hosting Explained

A Cloud hosting platform is usually more expensive than traditional shared hosting. Most of your resources are dedicated which means only your website utilizes them and as a result can often improve your website’s over all performance. If you expect a traffic of over a 100k and above, it is recommended you use this type of hosting.

Shared Hosting Explained

A shared hosting platform is the most popular type of hosting and is very affordable. Your website’s resources will be shared together with other sites on the same server as yours and it’s often recommended for websites with low traffic. A major disadvantage of shared hosting is if a website with whom you share resources is infected with some kind of malware/adware or maybe get hacked, yours might likely get affected too. Hosting companies do their very best to prevent such things from happening and often than none you may not experience such. However, if such were to happen to any of our client, we can help them recover by restoring a prior version of their site from backups.

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