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We Will Train Your Marketing Team To 10X Your Company Revenue and Outperform the Competition in 6-8 Months - Guaranteed!

Imagine a world where your marketing team is unstoppable, armed with the knowledge and tools to conquer today’s fiercely competitive market. That’s precisely what we offer. Our mission is to transform marketing teams across various organizations by providing top-notch training and equipping them with the most powerful marketing arsenal there is in the 21st century!

Note: We compliment your marketing team, we don’t replace them.

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Real Estate | Banking | Technology | Recruitment

Why Book Our Workshop for Your Marketing Team?

Navigating the dynamic landscape of digital marketing is no insignificant feat. It’s not just about creating visibility, but about creating impactful visibility that converts. Sound marketing strategies don’t just materialize; they’re meticulously planned, adeptly strategized, and masterfully brought to life.

This is the ethos that powers our workshops. You’ll get a deep-dive into the latest gear shifts in the digital marketing landscape, gain insights into leveraging advanced lead generation techniques, uncover the secrets to closing high ticket product offerings, learn the tricks of effective digital advertising, and conversion optimization.

Invest in your team’s growth, in the future of your organization! Let our workshops fuel your growth trajectory and empower you to reap tangible marketing victories. Boost stagnating marketing channels and propel your organization to unprecedented heights.

Make that choice to invest in success! Register your team for our Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Workshops today and charter your organization’s course to sustained marketing triumph.

Outline & Duration of Our Workshops

Our workshop is an investment in your marketing team’s skills, your organization’s future, and ultimate success.

2 Weeks Workshop


All modules are 100% hands on with real life case studies. 

Duration: 2 Weeks Workshop (6 HRS)
4 Weeks Workshop


All modules are 100% hands on with real life case studies. 

Duration: 4 Weeks Workshop (12 HRS)

Why Us Consult with iDEAIOUS?

Breakdown of What Your Marketing Team Will Learn

B2B & B2C Lead Generation & Outreach Strategy

We'll equip your marketing team with tailored strategies for both B2B and B2C markets, teaching them how to generate high-quality leads, target the right audience, and create powerful outreach campaigns that drive results and boost your organization's bottom line.

Email Marketing Automation & Funnel Building

Your team will learn how to set up email marketing automation, including lead nurturing campaigns, and how to build sales funnels that guide your customers towards a purchase. We'll teach your team best practices for crafting effective email copies, subject lines, and calls-to-action.

Brand Strategy & Marketing Documentation

We'll help your marketing team elevate your organization's brand by providing proven methods for building a strong brand strategy and effective marketing documentation, ensuring that your marketing efforts align with your vision and values.

Advance Digital Advertising Campaigns Strategy

We'll train your marketing team in the art of persuasive copywriting and conversion optimization, teaching them how to craft compelling sales copy that resonates with your audience and optimize your website and marketing materials for higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Conversation Optimisation & Sales Copywriting

Your team will learn how to create persuasive copy that drives conversions and improves the customer experience. We'll teach your team how to optimize your website, landing pages, and sales materials to create a seamless customer journey.

Landing Pages Design & Social Proof Generation

We'll teach your marketing team to design stunning, conversion-driven landing pages and generate powerful social proof that builds trust and credibility. They'll discover the secrets to creating landing pages that captivate leads, inspire action, and showcase your organization's triumphs.

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What Our Clients Say

We needed a renowned business research agency to help us develop the digital strategy and design aspect of our new market offering, and iDEAIOUS delivered beyond expectations. This makes it the second successful project we've collaborated on.

Obaseki E.

Head Of Marketing - RPM Limited

iDEAIOUS's expertise turned our lead generation and funnel into a powerhouse. They tailored strategies that super-charged our market growth. Every expectation was surpassed, every project, a triumph. In the vast digital ocean, their beacon led us to success.

Afeez G.

Founder - Futuristic Properties Nig Ltd

The ERP implementation by iDEAIOUS was phenomenal. With mastery across the project's entirety, their astute knowledge enabled us to maximize software utility. For a robust ERP solution, there's no looking beyond iDEAIOUS.

Caro B.

Manager - Kiniz Luxury Aparmtents
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